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Voci Dalla Rocca is a male choir born in 1978 at Breno, small village placed in the middle of Valle Camonica.

Its name (Voices from the Castle) comes from the Middle Age castle that raise up from the village.

Musical choice starts from popular songs and mountain inns. Then the Voices payed attention to new pop-oriented composers (the world wide famous Bepi De Marzi, who wrote “Signore delle cime”), other genres such as gregorian, polyphony and some pop/rock/soul classics properly adapted to a cappella performing.

Voices also sing music written by their director, Piercarlo Gatti (all the ones you can listen to here!): he is inspired by situations, legends and stories of the valley.

Since the year 2000 Voices are working with Crucixus – Festival di Primavera and Catholic University of Brescia for a project based on experimentation on Passion related popular behaviour and expressions.


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