c/o Christine Guter
719 E 36th St
Long Beach, CA


"VOCALOGY is a vocal jazz quintet which brings an exciting and distinctive sound to the world of vocal music. Vocalogy has delighted audiences across the country in festivals, concerts, clinics and clubs since the group's formation in 1998. Christine Guter (Helferich) is the group's dynamic lead singer; tenors David Thorne Scott and John Knutson, and bass Chris Morey provide rock-solid harmonies and take outstanding solo features. Pianist Gerhard Guter supplies groove, style, and grace, and occasionally adds his smooth voice to the mix. The group utilizes its range of five-and-a-half octaves to execute intricate and vocally demanding material in a way that seems effortless. They thrill audiences with their improvised solos, tight ensemble work, and dazzling harmonies. Vocalogy arose from an artist-in-residency program under Grammy-Award nominee Phil Mattson. Now self-directed, Vocalogy performs a collection of their own innovative arrangements. They recently released their debut CD “Distilled.”


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