Vive is a 6-part A Cappella group who are re-imagining the close-harmony jazz/spiritual/A Cappella sound. A cappella music is solo or group singing without the use of instruments.

Consisting of an uncommon line-up of five guys and a girl, it brings rich, diverse harmonies with a fresh, contemporary sound taking inspiration from the legendary Take 6 and the Real Group! 

Vive has an overriding jazz pop sensibility strongly hinted within their original arrangements and compositions that Founder James Rose and Alto Sam Robson have produced. However, the focal point is not just pop, fusion, harmony, jazz, spirituals... but a complete synthesis of all of these. 

The group’s sound is a combination of a Bass, Baritone, two Tenors, male Alto and Soprano. “The result is a team that works together to bring great melody to life and lift songs up into the air where they belong”. – [The Curator, Instrumental] The other members are Emily Dankworth (Soprano), Lewis Daniel (Bass), Martynas Vilpisauskas (Tenor2) and Ben Cox (Tenor1).

The songs on their first album consist mainly of covers with two originals, Your Motivation and Voices and an arrangement of an old spiritual, Ezekiel Saw de Wheel. 

They recently won the final of The Voice Festival UK 2013 and were presented with the Ward Swingle Award for outstanding originality, outstanding musicality and also best arrangement.

VIVE’s aspirations are to do everything they can to help inspire a new generation of music lovers and bring back the freshness of the human voice to this industry. They also have a strong underlying message of perseverance, self-acceptance and motivation, which they share through their music.

"STUNNING" - Clare Wheeler, swingle singers


"AMAZING" - Peder Karlsson, real group

"Vive, one of the big hopes of young British vocal music." - [Vocal Blog, A Cappella Zone]"

"Stacks of musical imagination" - Aled Jones, BBC Radio 3

'Voice Festival UK Champions 2013'

Most recently featured on:

The Paul O'Grady Show, BBC Radio 2
The One Show, BBC One 
The Choir, BBC Radio 3
Ronnie Scotts Radio Show, JAZZ FM

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