School or Affiliation: Vanderbilt
Nashville, TN


V ictory in its original form was much different than the way it exists today. In 1996-97, Victory was a part of the BCM (like Agape) directed by a young man named Daren Butler. He led the group in the style of an a cappella chamber choir, and they performed songs like Shut De Do, He Never Failed Me Yet, and Jesus My Lord My Life My All. Victory's aim was to glorify God and serve as a form of musical witness on campus. This also extended to ministry larger than the campus when Victory performed on occasion at church youth groups, often with Agape. This continued until Daren's graduation in 1998. Victor Sung was the next director, and though his vision was always to perform more contemporary music, waning interest in Victory made it a struggle to sing anything at all. In Fall of 1999, Nicole Shaub took the initiative to invite a number of people to the first meeting with the promise of a fresh new look to the same ministry. With 25 people at the first meeting, the excitement was contagious. Victor suggested shooting for the moon with Avalon's Testify to Love, and Nicole spearheaded a team to write out an arrangement of it. Though Nicole's tenure with Victory was only one semester, with that song as the catalyst, the rest, as they say, is history. Victory has grown to over 45 members, yet the chief aim is still glorifying God through music. We sing for an audience of One.


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