School or Affiliation: Harvard
Cambridge, MA


We are the Veritones, a mixed a cappella singing group at Harvard College. Founded in 1985 by freshmen (including Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino), the group originally sang spirituals. These days, we are known for a diverse repertoire, our offbeat sense of humor, sense of public service, and friendships that make the group more than an extracurricular.

We entertain Harvard faculty and students, as well as perform a variety of private and public venues throughout the year in the Boston-New York area. Our annual traditions include a 3-5 day trip to NYC before Christmas break, skiing in Vermont over intersession, and retreats on the Cape or in woodland log cabins. On a broader scale, we flew across the waters to Great Britain for a summer tour in '00, biked across the Golden Gate Bridge in the UV lens that is San Fran in '01 (and again in '04!), and fattened up on grits and southern BBQ during our DixieTour '03.

The musical taste of the The Veritones reflects the diverse talent of our members; we sing jazz standards such as "Mood Indigo," 80s pop like Madonna's "Vogue," the soft-rock of The Counting Crows, the country strains of the Dixie Chicks, and the mellow folky sounds of Marc Cohn's "Walking in Memphis." We've released five CDs to date, one of which was a finalist in the "Best Collegiate Album" Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards. The fifth, "Almost Legal," was released last fall--just in time for our 20th anniversary year.

The most important quality of the group by far, however, is the love we all have for each other. We're not a singing group whose members are friends, but really a group of close friends who have a great time singing at a professional level, laughing hysterically, and exploring our brief times here at Harvard together.


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