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Tuckermans At 9 was conceived April 2004 on our baritone's living room floor (sadly, not as much fun as it sounds) and premiered the following September at a popular Boston-area venue. Okay, so it was the Somerville, Massachusetts, Red Line T Station... picky, picky.

We're Walt, Mark, Bill, Dawn, Frances, Daryl, and Kam. Arguably normal people with day jobs from Brentwood, Dover, Durham, New Durham, and Ossipee, New Hampshire. Oh, one alto hails from Lebanon, Maine, but just to get attention.

We steal only the best from Bonnie Raitt, Boston, James Taylor, Three Dog Night, The Beatles, Steam, Linda Ronstadt, The Kingston Trio, George Michael, The Roches, are you still awake? If so, we'd have a lot of fun singing for you! And it could be the high point of your year. In which case, you really need to get out more.


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