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School or Affiliation: Coral Reef High
Miami, FL

In Transition

Our name is In Transition, and we are an up and comming a cappella group from Southern Miami. We originally were formed under the alias "The Acafellas" but with the departure of two of our members KC and Luke Jones and the addition of Jeremy and Matt we decided it was time to move from old ways and start new. We decided that we were in a transition from one group to the next and decided that that would be a pretty kick ass name. We are made up of 5 key ingredients. We have Nick Agress a.k.a Big Nick standing at 6'8 as our Bass. Matt Gill standing at a wopping 6'4 singing Bass as well as our Vocal Percussionist. Jeremy Weinberg standing at a much shorter height singing Baritone. Michael Eisenbrei a.k.a The Tie Guy standing at 6'2 singing Lead. Last but not least we have Joey Barreiro standing awkwardly.... like always, singing Tenor 1. We originated from Coral Reef Senior High. Nick and Michael recently graduated and we'll be heading off to their respective colleges but plan on keeping everything together. Joey, Matt, and Jeremy will be graduating this current school year. Most people that have heard us sing know us to be famous for Jessie's Girl, or Moondance. With this page we hope to show our other side or at least that we know more than two songs.


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