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Tirn Aill

Tirn Aill that in the ancient language of the fairies means Other World Was born On January 24, 2005 was created under the direction and idea of Matías Martinez's, for the purposes of becoming a group of repertoire contemporary Celtic and Sacred digest. Its end purposes is to perform Celtic, Ethnic and contemporary work, which are not know within the country. Tirn Aill in every concert carries a bit of the magic and the mysticism of the stories of worlds where the fairies, the goblins and other magical beings of the Celtic mythology live. Tirn Aill appears very little in concerts annually, since it prepares new repertoires .

Tirn Aill, in its season of 2008 will present a totally new musical aesthetics from its repertoire since it will stand out due to its diversity of Ethnic works with diverse Asian techniques, such as the Overtone singing. Tirn Aill of its trips through other worlds brings to its concerts Magic and fantastic stories and a diversity of musically complex works. Celtic new Works with an incomparable force and a mystical putting that will take us to the maximum of... Another World.


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