Tarira is a chamber choir of 20 choristers, all of whom are highly experienced in choir singing and music in general. The choir was founded in the spring of 2002, with Sunleif Rasmussen as its choirmaster from the start.

Despite the choir’s relatively short history, Tarira’s reputation has already been firmly established through many high level performances both at home in the Faroe Islands and abroad. During the tour in the Nordic countries in March 2005, Tarira gave several successful concerts, e.g. at the Glyptothek Museum of Art in Copenhagen, the Jomala Church in Mariehamn in the Aland Islands, as well as in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

In February 2006 the choir gave a concert in the Church of Christ in Reykjavik with exclusively Renaissance music on the programme. The choir is assigned to varied jobs, indeed: from the ceremonious performance before the Royal Danish Court to rather alternative assignments, such as the cooperation with composer Kristian Blak in connection with the opera ‘Eyðstein and Arnhild”.

Tarira’s repertoire is extensive and varied, but the emphasis remains on Renaissance music. Contemporary music also holds a high priority, and in this connection the choir has commissioned a new work by Faroese composer, Pauli í Sandagerði.


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