School or Affiliation: Dickinson
Carlisle, PA


It all started back in the winter of 1998 when a group of female Dickinson freshmen were sitting around and jointly came up with the idea for a female a capella group. They thought that a female a cappella group should exist because it would add a unique sound to the campus. They met in January and The Syrens were born (Syren= mermaid in French). The original members were: Megan Blair, Sian Gilette, Eileen Elkies, Maria Lane, Joanna Polizzi, Megan Powers. They first performed two songs at the Annual A Capella Festival: Still in Love and The Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy. Only a few years later, the group has grown immensely. The Syrens remain the only all female a capella group at Dickinson College. They are joined by three other a capella groups: the Octals (all male), The D-Tones (co-ed), and the Infernos (co-ed). The Syrens consist of 13 girls with a large variety of musical backgrounds and interests. Each girl brings a unique sound to the group which only adds to the many styles of songs they perform.


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