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The Sooner Sensations Chorus was conceptualized in May of 1989 by 9 ambitious women to start a new chorus of Sweet Adelines International in Moore, Oklahoma. The odds were against us and we were told that it would never last. We broke the international speed record for going through the process and getting chartered... we even waited an addition 2 months before becoming official so that we could save our new members some money. But in February 1990 this chorus was officially chartered. Over the years, we've had our ups and downs and have had several changes in directors. By the summer of 2005, this chorus had dwindled to approximately 20 members. However, we now welcome back the charter director, Debbie K. Hagan-Hogan to lead this thriving chorus again. Debbie is the lead to Ginger 'n Jazz, the 1987 Queens of Harmony, International Quartet Champions, and has many years of experience in directing and coaching. The excitement has been at heightened levels since her return to directing and the chorus currently has more than 60 members.

The goal of this chorus is have fun, learn, grow, and develop and maintain a family-like atmosphere. We have found over the years that many women have suffered through struggles in life and need an uplifting experience to bring them back to themselves. Many find their experiences in this chorus to be "just what the doctor ordered." The loving, supportive nature of this chorus is evident to its members and visitors alike. At this time we have over a dozen of our members that drive from Texas to be members of this loving chorus... some from the Dallas area and some from the Amarillo area! WOW!

We are proud to announce that the Sooner Sensations Chorus has earned 2 medals in the 2010 Region 25 Chorus Competition. We received 1st place medals for Division AA and we received 3rd place medals for our overall scores. We are eagerly reaching for the score level of 600 points which will earn us the honor of being dubbed a Master Chorus which will give our director Debbie Hogan her title as Master Director that she so richly deserves. We are only a few points away... just wait until next spring! That is no small feat for a chorus that chartered only 21 years ago.

Thank you to all who support us in our love of barbershop harmony and spreading it around. Come join us at a rehearsal or attend one of our shows! We always LOVE an audience.


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