Songbird is an a cappella group founded in 2008 by 10 enthusiastic young singers who are ex-members of the Hong Kong Children’s Choir (HKCC). As an a cappella group, singers use their voices to imitate sounds of different musical instruments instead of using instrumental accompaniments.

Songbird has actively participated in various events and performances. In August 2009, the group held its first full-house concert “The First Flight” at the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building Auditorium, and was invited as guest performer in the “Chau Tai Fook” 2009 FIVB World Grand Prix (Hong Kong) at Hong Kong Coliseum. In November 2009 and June 2010, the group was invited by the Open University of Hong Kong to present two full concerts in their campus. The group also made appearances in other occasions as guest performers in banquets and various schools’ singing contests.
By performing a wide repertoire from classical melodies to Canto-pop tunes, Songbird hopes to bring a sense of freshness to the audiences through singing with passion and finesse, and to continue to uphold the HKCC spirit of linking the hearts of people through music.

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