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Los Angeles' own six-voice, a cappella, jazz, pop, rock group. It all began back in...well, not the Dark Ages, but a few years ago. Gary Rosen and Elin Carlson decided to start an a cappella group for their mutual musical satisfaction. Invitations to their favorite singers (including Amy Fogerson) resulted in about 12 musicians who started the group Blue Starfish. Rapid member attrition and changes in personnel brought about the next incarnation, Heard of Cats. Finally, the vocal gods smiled on the three original members by introducing them to Cindy Bourquin and Eric Bradley in April, 1999. Sixth Wave was complete with the addition of Gerald White in May 2000. Our first goal at that point was to sing in the National Harmony Sweepstakes, which we accomplished in 2001 (and we won, much to our surprise and delight!). Our second goal of recording our first CD was accomplished that same year. Since then, we have performed concerts with many of the luminaries of the a cappella world, including The Bobs, Rockapella, The Swingle Singers, m-pact, Perfect Gentlemen, and Inner Voices. In October 2003, we performed at the star-studded gala opening of the dazzling Walt Disney Concert Hall. Our second CD, It Will Come To You, was released in 2004, and contains collaborations with Gabriel Mann, Joe Bob Finetti, and Michele Weir, as well as recordings of our first three original tunes. January 2005 brought on a season of change for us, as Amy Fogerson left the group and was replaced by Jennifer Barnes. Shortly thereafter, both Gerald White and Gary Rosen also made the decision to leave the group to pursue other ventures, which created openings filled by tenor Greg Whipple and baritone Greg Jasperse. This 50% new group is now eagerly working towards the goal of being a powerful and cohesive musical unit, adding exciting new repertoire while maintaining the spirit and integrity for which Sixth Wave has always been known. Please keep checking back for new and exciting news and updates as things progress...

Award Received Artist (link to membership)
Best Jazz Album 2009, Nominee
Best Jazz Song 2009, Nominee
Best Pop/Rock Cover Song 2009, Nominee

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