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School or Affiliation: Fairview High School
Boulder, CO

Six Guys Named Blake

Six Guys Named Blake is an eight-member, all male a cappella group hailing from Fairview High School in Boulder, CO. Yes that's right, eight members. Only one of us is actually named Blake; the other seven answer to the names Trevor, Peter, Jesse, DC, Taylor, Daniel and David (Though we just call him Pac-man). The guys noticed an unusual amount of male talent at the school and decided to form their own group. Though the Six Guys are arithmetically challenged and suffering from identity crises, we've been told we sing quite well. The name does have a story surrounding it. Our first show was an open mic performance at a cafe in Boulder, which Blake signed us up for under his own name. When we took the stage, the man at the soundboard hosting the event said "It looks like next we have Blake coming to sing for us." At that point our numbers amounted to six and when six rather handsome men took the stage, you could imagine his confusion. He said "Well seeing as how there are six guys walking on the stage, I guess we will be hearing from six guys named Blake." We thought the name had a pretty cool ring to it, so it stuck. We essentially are looking to just have a good time singing around the Boulder/Denver area. You'd best make sure to catch a show featuring Six Guys Named Blake. It is bound to bring a bit of happiness into your day.


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