SINGEST – five musicians from Berlin, who follow their passion for classical music and jazz with their voices only - with a repertoire as diverse as the singers’ backgrounds: from Johann Sebastian Bach’s "Air" to contemporary jazz to sophisticated arrangements of pop classics.

The varied origins of the singers is what makes their sound unique: from the classically trained opera soprano to the soulful gospel voice - they are united by their love for music, the love to experiment and risk recurring balancing acts on the boundaries of styles and genre as a means of expression. This creativity is then focused into original arrangements of surprising depth - taking, for example, a traditional hymn from choral baroque to r&b and then swing – and why not?

The sundry variety of their repertoire opens possibilities to many musical engagements and venues: SINGEST feels at home on open air a cappella festival stages, presenting grooving vocal beats as much as in the sanctuary of houses of worship, sounding out Albinoni’s Adagio – just imagine the possibilities.


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