School or Affiliation: University of Virginia
Newcomb Hall
PO Box 400715 SAC Box 358
Charlottesville, VA


The Virginia Sil'hooettes are an all-female a cappella group at the University of Virginia. Once just the vision of four UVa students back in the winter of 1988, the Sils are now nationally recognized. We've received numerous all-collegiate awards and critical acclaim over the past 19 years, and we have accumulated years of travel under our belts (check out our "media" page to see the awards that we've won and our "links" and "gallery" pages to check out our travels)!

Our group exists to share what we do with others and we hold a high standard for the diversity of the music that we share, performing everything from 80's pop to Billy Joel to rap medleys and then some. (Last year's Gangsta's Paradise/No Scrubs/Buttons/Ghetto Superstar medley was quite the hit!) However, after 19 years of gigs and six albums' worth of experience, I've learned that the women of this group will never let themselves get too comfortable. We are always ready to take on the next big challenge as we develop musically and hone our sound.

One of the unique characteristics that I value most about this group is the desire to always better ourselves: to improve and diversify our arrangements, to develop the percussive elements of a cappella, and to tackle genres we never have before, often stepping outside of our comfort zones. At the same time, Sils has become one of the most comfortable places for me here at UVa. The girls in this group are unique, goofy, classy, and so incredibly talented in very specific and diverse ways. I could not possibly categorize my relationship with these girls or describe the group in one word. We are professional yet we know how to have fun; we are goofy, but we take what we do seriously (most of the time). : We are best friends, we are sisters, and I know that there is a place for every kind of person in this group. Wanting to sing in college was what drew me to a cappella at UVa, but the Sils is what has turned my a cappella experience here into something I wouldn't trade for the world.

-Lexi Witman, President 2007-2008


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