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Shir Harmony ("shir" meaning "song" in Hebrew), Atlanta's only adult Jewish women's a cappella group, blends seven individual and beautiful voices to present un-accompanied vocal music in celebration of their Jewish heritage and faith. Shir Harmony boasts a list of songs ranging from Hebrew prayers to traditional Hebrew folk tunes to English songs of a Jewish theme or written by a Jewish composer.

Shir Harmony was formed as an outlet for Jewish adults in the Atlanta area to sing a cappella music after college, and thereby continue to pursue their love of singing and performing in this rather specialized genre. (A cappella means without instrumental accompaniment.) The original group was formed in 2000 and included both men and women. In 2002, Shir Harmony reorganized as an all-female group. Each member contributes her own unique experience with performing vocal music, including majors or minors in music, membership in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus and other professional-quality local choirs or secular a cappella groups, rock and roll bands, and various musical theater organizations and opera companies. The current members of Shir Harmony are: Melissa Black, Tracy Britan, Mindy Ellis, Lisa Levy, Kim London, Heather Low, and Ariela Paschal.

Shir Harmony is a professional performance group that is available for weddings, private parties, fundraisers, and special events of all kinds.


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