School or Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA


Founded in 2001, the Shabbatones are the student-run Jewish a cappella group at the University of Pennsylvania. One of the premier Jewish a cappella groups in the country, the Shabbatones are known for their energetic arrangements and entertaining performances. The group is proud to announce that they have finished recording and producing their third CD, From Philly With Love, and are already gearing up for the next one! Shabbatones members and alumni include graduate and undergraduate students, studying a wide variety of subjects like engineering, psychology, business and healthcare. They come from a variety of Jewish backgrounds, unified by a love for Jewish music and a commitment to being the voice of one of the largest and most vibrant Hillels in the nation. Specializing in popular American, Israeli and Jewish music, the Shabbatones have performed for a variety of audiences both at Penn and at other venues throughout the country. All of the Shabbatones arrangements are written by group members.


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