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The origins of the Sexteto Cantabile go back to the participation of some of its members in the juvenile chamber choir Vocal del Ángel. The idea for creating a masculine vocal group originated when some choir members contacted similar European groups. Since its creation the group has performed in concerts organized by the Cultural sections of various city councils, private and state institutions. In October 2004 the group was invited to participate in the XI International Cultural Festival in Potosí, Bolivia. At present it has four programs: “Oh, Ciegos Amadores” with secular works from the Spanish Renaissance, Sacred Music a capella, a third program dedicated to Christmas, and their latest repertoire of Argentine Authors. Two albums have been edited: Obras Profanas del Renacimiento Español and Música Sacra a Capella. The latest was nominated in 2005 for the Gardel Prize and the Latin Grammy..s in the category "Best Classical Music Album". Cantabile is at present recording their next CD "Music from Argentine Authors". Betty Rodríguez is the conductor of the group whose members include Cristian Haberstroh, Federico Gercovich, Pablo Travaglino, Facundo Rodríguez, Lucas Gattinoni, Alfredo Gómez and Nicolás Gattinoni.


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