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Seraphic Fire

Seraphic Fire, Miami’s fully-professional chamber choir, was created in response to the perceived need for more performances of Renaissance, Baroque, and Contemporary art music in South Florida.

Seraphic Fire was conceived as an ensemble of young, virtuosic musicians who could bring both their youth and their expertise to present a professional program which offered a different fare of music from the larger musical organizations in South Florida.

Seraphic Fire’s size allows the ensemble to be trendsetting and adventurous in their performances, introducing audiences to masterpieces of art music while encouraging an atmosphere which welcomes the less experienced concert goer.

Players and singers in Seraphic Fire are drawn from professional and academic institutions across the United States and offer a quality of music which is unprecedented in the South Florida community.

Seraphic Fire is the Ensemble in Residence at First United Methodist Church in Coral Gables, FL.


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