You get SEMMARIT, one of the most famous show groups in Finland. The live show of this a cappella group of 21 men is a mixture of music, humour, dance and drama, spiced with guts, glory and the latest audiovisual technology. A trademark of this group is a visually effective, mind-blowing live performance. It´s not a band, it´s not a choir - it´s something else for you to figure out! The group has made various tours abroad, especially in Germany. In 2003 the group toured very successfully in the U.S and Canada. The group officially represented Finnish music at World Expos of 1998 in Lissabon and 2000 in Hannover. It has also had its own TV shows and twice a top 40 number 1. selling album in Finland. The group has also a retrospective double-dvd containing various concert and club material and different tv-performances as well.


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