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The vocal swing ensemble SeiOttavi was formed at the end of 2004, but it takes origin from the elder brothers “Sette Ottavi”, founded in Palermo in 1995 and suddenly under the spotlight for the originality of their music., which brought them to cooperate with artists such as E. Bennato, Noa, R. Arbore and others more. The only outlasting member of that former ensemble, identical for the vocal structure, is Massimo Sigillò Massara the founder of the old and new group. The SeiOttavi are made up of 7 voices, inspired in their vocal structure by the famous a cappella ensemble ”Swingle Singers” , but also by other famous vocal groups such as Manhattan Transfer and performing classicals such as Brahms, Mozart all performed in a Contemporary a Cappella style, with a swinging backing. The performance is characterized by instrumental effects and onomatopoeical.. Many of the arrangements of the music performed by SeiOttavi are written by Vincenzo Biondo and M. Sigillò Massara. In summer 2005 the SeiOttavi started off in Palermo with the show “Seven Voices through Centuries” performed at the Modern Design and Architecture Gallery EXPA, repeating that same performance soon after in occasion of the “Festino di S.Rosalia” wich took place in the baroque church “Santa Professa” in Palermo. The SeiOttavi opened the concert of the sicilian song writer Lucina Lanzara “Maree” at the “Spasimo” church in Palermo, in occasion of the Summer Music Festival Kals Art Palermo. That same year they appeared at the “Sollima” theatre in Marsala (TP), and performed live in a famous Radio Show “Tutti pazzi x Mary” Radio Time. They took part in August and September as the choir, to the original musical ”Boccadoro the Traveller” written by Massimo Sigillò Massara and directed by Fabrizio Angelini, performed in some of the most important theatres in Western Sicily, such as Teatro di Verdura Palermo and Teatro di Segesta (TP). They’ve started 2006 with concerts in the surrounding area of Palermo, but it was in June 8 2006 with the Movie Theater Show: “Il muto canta a Cappella” gaining a great success of audience at the Metropolitan Theater of Palermo. In September 2006 they were the choir of the new Musical “Corleone la storia di Flippo Latino” written by Massimo Sigillò Massara and Nonuccio Anselmo, performed in Corleone for five repeat performances. In January 2007 they’ve performed with a new show “Radio SeiOttavi” in Messina at the church S.Maria degli Alemanni, and soon after they’ve made a performance at the Candelai Club (PA), and a concert at the church S. Stefano.


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