School or Affiliation: Duke
Durham, NC


Sapphire is the only all-female Christian a cappella group at Duke University. We are dedicated to glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ through a music ministry, both on campus and in the Research Triangle Park community. The name Sapphire originates from Revelations 21:10 in The Bible where sapphires are part of the foundation for the New Jerusalem, which is Heaven. As explained by our Constitution, "As one of the foundational stones of the city [New Jerusalem] all, Sapphire represents a commitment to purity and a call to evangelism that prepares the world for God's eternal love and judgement." Sapphire's purposes are: 1. to be representatives of purity, in body and spirit, to otherto address issues that women struggle with most of their lives, such as self-worth, relationships, loneliness, and purpose 2. to preach the Word of God, in song and testimony, to people at Duke University and other communities In addition to evangelism, Sapphire focuses on discipleship and spiritual growth within the group. We focus on developing the spiritual maturity of members as a group and individually, through one-on-one meetings. "The members of Sapphire resemble a sisterhood in our family-like closeness and unity of vision for the group." We desire to improve musically while maturing as Christian women who hope to change people through our own lifestyles. Our music genres cover a large variety of music including R&B, hip-hop, gospel, country, pop, alternative, and much more.


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