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The San Francisco Girls Chorus was established in 1978 after founding Artistic Director Elizabeth Appling taught the first girls to sing children’s chorus roles for San Francisco Opera (Pique Dame, 1977), at the request of then Opera General Director Dr. Kurt Herbert Adler. Following the girls' interest in singing, Appling continued the program and formed her artistic vision to form a premiere chorus for girls. What began with 40 singers, a volunteer music director, and a volunteer accompanist grew under Appling's 14-year leadership into an organization with a music faculty of 21 and five full-time staff.

Today the Chorus has a music faculty of 2 full-time and 23 part-time instructors and 10 full-time administrative staff members. Dr. Susan McMane is in her fifth year as Artistic Director; Chorus School Director Elizabeth Avakian is now in her twenty-third year with the Chorus. Each season the Chorus serves nearly 300 choristers from 160 schools in 44 Bay Area cities; 60% of these choristers are San Francisco residents, while others travel from elsewhere in the Bay Area and as far away as Stanislaus County to participate.

SFGC’s music education and performance program is founded on, and aspires to teach, the highest standards of artistic excellence. The Chorus offers challenging and rewarding goals as well as the skills necessary to reach these goals. This fusion of art and skills – such as discipline, self-confidence, teamwork, perseverance, respect for others – can help shape a girl into someone with remarkable qualities and capabilities.


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