It's the 9th of April 2005 as we enter a shady bar on Vienna's Gumpendorfer Street (pupils and graduates from Vienna’s Music Gymnasium will know which establishment is spoken of here), which is – very much contrary to the local fire hazard legislation - literally filled to the brim with equally shady figures. At the very back of the place we encounter two also very fishy-looking souls (Metin Clark Tüyel and Mira Lu Kovacs), submerged in deep conversation, as they elaborate about their - honestly very far-fetched - musical ambitions. Surprisingly as they find it, both of them have quite an affection for a certain genre, and equally both of them could - until then - neither find an opportunity, nor actually pluck up the courage to venture off into such uninvestigated musical realms.
They are, of course, referring to the fine art of A capella.
A few pints (Metin’s) and cokes (Mira’s) the great plan is complete, and an A capella duet has just popped into existence. But without even the simplest three-part harmony, actual success would have been very unlikely, if not utterly impossible. So even in the same breath it was agreed upon that reinforcements had to be brought onto the scene. At this point first complications erupted, for as many know, most Austrians are apart from drinking chants not so much the singing type. But if you dig deep enough at the right place, say, Vienna’s Music Gymnasium, you are bound to strike gold at some point….
September 2006, in the exact music school referred to above:
After various problems, both personal and musical, as well as one or two changes in the lineup, the vocal ensemble (which had until then remained nameless) is re-established. The two “original” founders are joined by Vera Maria Charvat, Ekaterina Vassileva, Martin Pjotr Piskorski and Adil Emre Baktir to form root36.


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