In 1983 a group of students didn’t want stop singing together just because high school ended. So with their music teacher from Tårnby Gymnasium they formed a choir and called it “Sangforureningen”.

A lot has happened since 1983. Somewhere down the road a wise decision changed the name to “Rockkoret” (The Rock Choir). Besides that, numerous singers and talented conductors have developed Rockkoret to what it is to day: a confident and ambitious choir stronger than ever.The thirty-something members the Rockkoret all share the joy of singing and the friendships and partying that is part of being in a choir.

Although merely an amateur choir, Rockkoret has an ambition to be special. We do this by carefully choosing our repertoire and having the songs arranged especially for Rockkoret by gifted arrangers. Despite the name (The Rock Choir) the repertoire consists of a wide variety of contemporary songs covering pop, rock, soul and jazz.


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