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School or Affiliation: Colgate
Hamilton, NY

The Resolutions

The Resos are the original co-ed and only independent a cappella group drawn from the Colgate student body. In company in 1992, between back stairwells of the old figi house on broad, three founding members conceived their Resolutions, a social, musical, and composite contrast to the established all-male 13 and all-female gates then in contract with the University. Twentysix initiated generations to this most recent fall, the student initiative, delagated an oranization by the college administration and an unbequested sibling by peers then and still staged on legacy's pomp and prop, persists to cultivate the respect and affection of its campus for unabashed, unafected and precocious performance, musicality and interaction. The attending associates maintain and mature that original constitution -- offices uphill still house on reference the initial declaration of diction and syntax, phrase and cadence -- in invention and consent. The written Consitution of the Resolutions stipulates logistics for organization and means for participation. The association is and will remain at any turn in narrative self made and sustained under internal leadership, only relinquishing at the authority of that leadership, elected always from current coeds contained. The pulse of the cylclical shift tunes a natural modulation, and so an organic and healthy continutiy make tempo. The musicians scrutinize stationery ledge to understand the inciting incidence of their gathering. For and by their own design, at the very least as a starting point, they make it so for themselves. This pull and play bears proof of the contributions and rewards handed through its pledge. The members' jones keeps far abreast of the Jones'. and so it goes.


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