Reset is the brand name for a new a capella formation.

Daring, with established roots....
Whilst exploring new horizons, singer Jan Bervoets (ex-Voice Male), encountered Chris Brooker (ex-Flying Pickets). They were then joined by the experienced Marc Willems (singer with Duo Tilt), Heg Pans and Frank Van Baelen (musical octopuses) so you know what to expect!

With work from artists like Prince, Bowie, U2, Lenny Kravitz, Mano Negra & The Offspring they present an unexpected zesty repertoire, in which the unconventional sound will certainly grab you. In August 2005, this production made its première. After live performances in the open-air theatre in Antwerp and at one of the biggest Belgian festivals "Marktrock", the reviews were glowing:

"Mamma mia, never thought A capella could be so fresh and envigourating. As a matter of fact Reset didn't bring real A capella, but rather a solid experiment through which A capella is blended. Just like the whisky in Irish coffee. It was more of a utopic anomaly which was the leading thread. And if Buscemi is part of the music festival scene, then the same applies to Reset. And if the Netherlands are a Theatre country, then the Highschool square was, on Saturday the thirteenth, a theatre square. In short: I think the men of Reset are ready for it. Make sure you book them !Leopold Laarmans- Marktrock"

- Not shy with sound effects, experiments were taking place with bizar sound bites which one doesn't expect from an A capella formation. Sometimes the "2 many DJ's" process of singing 2 different songs at the same time, was applied.... Their enthusiasm engulfed the audience, which applauded, joined the songs and ultimately demanded encores. The choice of songs (from Bowie, dEus, Peter Gabriel and even Gorki), the willingness to experiment, the sometimes - intelligent, sometimes puberal - humour, the solid translations of classics and the pure joy of singing are a combination which makes Reset potentially ground-breaking. We at least found this performance far more exciting than what we've seen from Voice Male - Peter Haex – Gazet Van Antwerpen - Openluchttheater Rivierenhof

- Their own swinging version of U2's hitsingle Vertigo, captured the audience from the start. A succession of covers including; The Beatles, Monza, A-Ha, The Scene, Gorki, The Offspring, Madness, followed each other and had been re-discovered for the occasion. The modern and diverse repertoire was remarkable. Goose-pimple inducing moments were abundant and the intimate surroundings of the open-air theatre contributed to the heart-warming atmosphere. Under the motto " few words, many notes" they were able to delight the audience until the very last note. In my opinion... definitely to be recommended to every music lover! Michael Dreesen - Zangtalent-Open-air theatre Rivierenhof.

Practise your goose pimples ! Game, set and ...reset !


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