School or Affiliation: University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA


In the Summer of 2002, Eric Pilar, Matt Mariner, Krystal Kovalick, and Travis Tucker got together to discuss expanding the realm of a cappella at UVA. These four, and countless other students at UVA agreed that the a cappella scene was missing something--FLAVA. After interest meetings and auditions, ReMiX was born consisting of 6 singers- 1 beatboxer, 1 musical mastermind, and 1 guy who could do none of the above but just wanted to see it happen.

The goal of remix was simple-- break the mold of traditional a cappella music at UVA by specializing in a genre of music that had previously gone largely overlooked-- Hip Hop and R&B. This fusion of tradition and soul gave rise to something new at UVA – something we like to call HIP HOP CAPPELLA.


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