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Redhot & Blue

In 1977, when the pop charts read like a who's who of mullets and bellbottoms, a few recently graduated Whiffenpoofs joined with several members of the newly formed women's a cappella groups on campus in order to do something completely different. They wanted to travel back in time and pay homage to the great pioneers -- Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday, to name a few. They sang jazz like it was 1917, and Cole Porter had just graduated from Yale. They were Redhot & Blue.


Thirty six years later, we are still Redhot & Blue: our distinct arrangements and award-winning sound have grown a great deal since our founding, and continue to set us apart in the music scene at Yale and across the globe. We love singing jazz, but our repertoire has expanded to include a wide variety of genres, from Broadway hits to the Beatles. Our fourteen studio albums are a testament to the fact that we're constantly reinventing our sound. Through the dedication of our members, past and present, we've come together to chase the bounds of musical possibility, while always looking back to the greats who inspired the conception of Redhot & Blue.


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