Los Angeles, WI


Redefined is a trend setting group of 13 talented professionals located in and throughout the Los Angeles area. Founded in Feb 1997 and lead by L.A. youth minister Kevin Henderson, they communicate challenging biblical teachings through a complex blend of penetrating lyrics, intricate harmonies, and intense musical arrangements. Redefined’s musical styling’s include Rock, Soul, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Traditional Gospel, Worship and Praise, Techno, and A Cappella. Redefined has often times found that they inadvertently create unheard of genres of music thru their original and unique style of music. Redefined believes that these styles of music are to not only be authentic, but are to be a positive way in reaching many different people and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Redefined has opened for many artist including Commissioned, Karen Clark Sheard, and Jackson Brown. They have also performed with David Foster, Johnny Mathis, and Carole King. They have sung for audiences which have included Former President Ronald Regan, Natalie Cole, Sydney Poitier, Jack Nicholson, Kevin Costner, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell and Alan Thicke.


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