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Red No. 5

Red No. 5 has recently caused a sensation in Hartford's local music scene. Surprising audiences with tight a cappella harmonies and dynamic performances, the four young women of Red No. 5 have lent their voices to reinvigorate and diversify their home state's musical community. The group's self-arranged four-part interpretations--of songs both familiar and astonishingly fresh--are rooted in their creative and unconventional understanding of music. Their eclectic repertoire spans all genres, from folk to soul, reflecting a particular enthusiasm for contemporary a cappella compositions. The bond that unites the women of Red No. 5 was formed when they found themselves members of the same a cappella group at the University of Connecticut: Mary Kate, Kristin, Sumitra and Emily met as singers in Rubyfruit, an a cappella group born of the desire to express women's empowerment and diversity issues through musicianship. After graduation, the pointed absence of a cappella music from their lives motivated Mary Kate, Sumitra and Kristin to reunite as a more intimate and cohesive musical unit in October of 2003. With the acquisition of Brie in April 2006, the group became the solid musical force now known as Red No. 5.


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