Razvigore Women Singers’ Ensemble was founded in late 1999 as part of the ethno-group of Vladimir Mandi? – Manda Researchers’ Club from Valjevo. Razvigore are nowadays actively involved in female vocal ethno music and are seeking their spot on the variegated music scene in Serbia.

Razvigore have given many concerts in Serbia and other countries. They are also frequent participants of folk music concerts held in Serbia, where they are treated as respectable performers. Ethno sound research has become increasingly popular in the last few years along with the wave of the World Music, but the sound that distinguishes Razvigore has a much stronger impact on the audience, almost with a cathartic effect, which cannot be said about some more popular commercial musicians from the Balkans, who have already achieved brand status, not only in the field of music. Thus, being in the Serbian ethno underground and not being slaves to commercial market demands, Razvigore are also able to engage themselves in music education, what they consider to be their primary mission.


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