PUST means breath in Norwegian. It also means to take a break, to get away, to breathe. You can hold it too, but that's not a very good idea when you’re singing.
PUST is six skilled singers with plenty of experience from various vocal ensembles. The group’s key qualities are versatility, creativity and ”voiceplay” in addition to improvisation combined with a high level of musicianship.
PUST finds inspiration somewhere between folksong, jazz and ethnic vocal music. Tradition and innovation are a part of the groups musical expression.
Their first album 'Femkant' was released in September-07. All the arrangements on this CD are written for or by the group. They have received great response from both Norwegian press and the audience with headlines as "vocal sensation", "vocal charm and voiceplay from another world".
'Femkant' was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy Award 2007 (Spellemannprisen) in 'Open Category'. It's also nominated for The Contemporary A cappella Recording Award (CARA) for the best a cappella jazz album in 2007.
PUST was the 1st prize winner of the international contest for vocal groups at the Tampere Vocal Music Festival 2005 in Finland. In hard competition with groups from all over Europe, the jury claimed that PUST with their individuality, charm and high musical level constructs something new in their genre.


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