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Pushing Air

Pushing Air is a San Francisco-based live-looping project blending high-diva vocals, jazz-based improvisation, beatboxing and extended vocal technique. Conservatory-trained and bebop-schooled vocalist Diana Thompson writes and performs all parts, all voice, all live, melding jazz, blues, minimalist classical, and African musics into "avant world bop."

Diana has sung with acts as diverse as the Mystic Family Circus, André Custodio, and Scott Sterling. As a founding member of the experimental voice and electronics ensemble Rex Brulée, Diana worked heavily in improvisation, rhythm and extended vocal technique. She also explored the creative possibilities of working purely with voice and technology which has become the core of Pushing Air.

Using digital looping, each performance is a live mix with transitions between songs, emulating the continuous flow of a DJ/Producer set. Pushing Air has brought its innovative music to a range of venues including 111 Minna, Epic Arts, and The Luggage Store Gallery.


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