Rialto, CA


The word "Psallo" means simply, "to sing." The word has evolved over time; however, New Testament Christians came to understand this word to mean singing without accompaniment.

Psallo Ministries exists for the purpose of equipping the people of God, to offer authentic praise and sacrifice to Him; in response to His redemptive work through the resurrection. Since 1993 Psallo has traveled across country, lifting the name of the Most High, expressing the importance of reflecting on God's love and providential watch-care. We believe that mankind exists for no other purpose but to live to the praise, honor, and glory of His name; to make praise and worship a natural part of his daily practices; visiting Him in prayer, praise, fellowship, study, communion and self sacrifice.

This millennium, we have committed ourselves to 2nd Corinthians 5:9, and will move forward with the mantra, "Vertically Driven, Our Goal is God." In this ever changing society, our foci should be Yahweh, His son Emmanuel, and His Holy Spirit. We will press forward committed to revive, equip and inspire His elect to make it a priority to Lift Him Up.


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