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School or Affiliation: Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ

The Pitchforks

The Pitchforks have been harmonizing and building their reputation as a strong all-female group in Arizona for over 20 years now. Uniting ASU students of all different majors and music backgrounds, these ladies have bonded through music, changing a cappella to a new level.

The Pitchforks were the first a cappella group to emerge from Arizona State University back in 1992 and since then has excited two other groups to be created in the last five years.  Because of this, these last few years have been instrumental to the groups’ growth in musicality and performance.  Taking pride in friendships and performance, these girls aim to become positive role models for young women and performers across Arizona.

Want to know more about these singing sirens? Check out ASU Pitchforks on Facebook and YouTube, and see them Tweet and post pictures on instagram at @ASUpitchforks.


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