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Since 1983, after almost a quarter of a century of devotion to vocal jazz, Perpetuum Jazzile is still the only Slovenian jazz choir. The vocal ensemble, led by its conductor and art director Tomaz Kozlevcar (renowned also for his work as a music producer and singer at The New Swing Quartet), usually performs with a number of singers that ranges to up to 50 and it represents an attractive and unique blend of popular vocal jazz. The repertoire of Perpetuum Jazzile ranges from Brazilian bossa nova, swing and close harmony style, to funk, gospel and R'n'B with original vocal beatbox and vocal effects backgrounds produced by choir. Perpetuum Jazzile offers its audience an exciting combination of vocal jazz harmonies and rhythm and through relaxed atmosphere as well as their youthful energy unavoidably inspires the listeners with the primary motto Perpetuum Jazzile, that is also the main idea of its second CD album: "Forget you're in a hurry". On September 1st 2006, Perpetuum Jazzile issued their 4th album called "Strange Night" ("Cudna Noc").


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