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School or Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

Penn Pipers

Although there are currently more than a dozen a cappella groups at the University of Pennsylvania, the Penn Pipers stand out from the crowd. The Penn Pipers were founded in the year 1950, making them by far the oldest existing a cappella group at the University of Pennsylvania. Our founders desired to emulate the close harmonies of a popular group at the time called The Hi-Los". The group began as (and continues to be) a subset of the prestigious University of Pennsylvania Glee Club and serves as an opportunity for some of the Glee Club's most talented singers to perform music of a lighter and more popular style. Over the years, the Penn Pipers have come to be recognized for their outstanding vocal blend and clean harmonies. Their repertoire has evolved over time, from its roots in barbershop-quartet-style singing, doo-wop, and vocal jazz to its current composition which encompasses popular music from the 1890's through to the present day. Today the Penn Pipers continue to develop and explore the cutting edge of a cappella singing, while still maintaining their unique heritage.


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