Winchester & London,


Paradisum is a new group of young male singers from Britain. Their sound combines smooth acappella harmonies with edgier, newer influences. Employing both traditional and sampled instrumentation, Paradisum's sound world combines acappella, electronic, medieval, Celtic and ambient music with some popular influences too. Their sound has sometimes been described as "ambient fusion" or "post-choral". Paradisum was brought together by Richard Childress, a Chicago-born singer, arranger and choral conductor. They recorded their first demo tracks in 2006 and have been developing their sound further while adding several new singers to their lineup. In addition to Richard's management, voice coaching and arranging, the boys have recently been under the guidance of Annie Roseberry, a veteran A & R executive with some 30 years' experience in the music industry with Sony/BMG and Warner Records. Interest in the group has been slowly building and last year Paradisum was invited to perform before record executives from two major labels on one nerves-filled afternoon.


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