Northbrook, IL


Ow! is a 6-male high-school-student-run a cappella group. This means we use no instruments other than our voices and various bodily appendages, we operate separate from our high school, and the group has been traditionally all-male. We are completely independent from our school, meaning we have no teachers in charge of us and rehearse on our own time at our own houses. The group was started 13 years ago by a group of guys that had a love for singing. In those thirteen years, Ow! has evolved into a successful, extremely talented musical group that is well-known throughout the community. At the end of each school year, we hold auditions for new members because graduating seniors must be replaced annually. So, the members of Ow! change annually and are often forced to start the new school year with many new members. We sing at many various school functions, house parties, birthdays, mar/bat mitzvahs, and anywhere else that needs entertaining. We also love serenading beneath the moonlight, and often can be found on the weekends singing outside the windows of high school girls at all hours of the night. In addition, we record a CD at the end of each school year featuring songs we arrange and teach to ourselves as the year progresses. We sing music of all genres, everything from pop to classical, rock to r&b. Some of the music we have learned this year can be listened to on the site!! This type of group is quite unique and rare to find across the nation, we take a great deal of pride in our success and tradition!


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