School or Affiliation: Oregon State
101 Benton Hall Corvallis
Corvallis, OR


Outspoken is Oregon State University's premiere male A Cappella ensemble. Oregon State University's Outspoken was founded in the fall of 2002 by Jason Taylor and David Emmert, two music majors at Oregon State University. The group was formed through by word of mouth recruitment, and then later by audition. Year by year Outspoken ranges between thirteen to fifteen members, allowing Outspoken to sing complex arrangements with up to fifteen different parts including soloist and vocal percussion. Outspoken has performed at multiple concerts with the OSU Music Department, as well as holding its own concerts and informal performances for various student groups and private organizations. Outspoken has become an active competitor in the ICCAs the last couple of years, and continuously strive to better themselves each year. As such, Outspoken has become known as one of the more well known groups in Oregon. Due to this success, the Music Department has allowed members the option of class credit, officially making Outspoken an affiliate of OSU and a recruiting power for the vocal music program.


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