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Out Of Service

Out of Service began in the summer of 2004 when Joel Davis (Baritone/Tenor) and Dan Grice (Bass) wanted to sing at a party. Needing two more voices, Joel asked his cousin Michael Falk (Baritone/Tenor) to sing. Leaving only one more voice needed, the three decided to break from the traditional sound of four male voices by adding Michael's then girlfriend (now wife) Courtney Falk (Tenor/Alto) to the mix. Ever since the four have continued to wing and sing and are enjoying the music more than ever. In the groups history they have performed songs by Rockapella, various barbershop arrangements, and Christmas songs. The group is currently working on original arrangements of songs by The Beatles and They Might Be Giants. Soon, they hope to add more original arrangements as well as some original compositions. These four simply love music and performing together.


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