1 South Grove Street
Westerville, OH


Ottertuned is a mixed, student-run pop a cappella group that is open for all Otterbein students to participate in.  

We, the members of Ottertuned, maintain this group for the benefit of all Otterbein students and to serve the following purposes: 

  1. To cultivate collaborative, professional, and educational relationships between members and the community 

  2. To provide students with the opportunity to plan and perform with a musical group 

  3. To promote music advocacy through outreach events at local schools and community institutions. 

  4. Improve the musicianship of members through hands-on experience within and beyond their field

In the end, we are lovers of a cappella music and singing in general. We share our passion with the community, campus, and current/prospective a cappella lovers alike.  


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