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In Winter 2003, that is to say on December 17, 4 Youngs people had a dream, they were friends, and they have all grown in same large SDA church (Eglise Adventiste de l'Auditorium de La Bible, Port-au-Prince, HT). Their dream consisted in taking another orientation in the evangelical Haitian music , this is why they choose the Vocal Music or at least A cappella. A cappella with only 4 Vocalists has... that sounds well! And they decided to set up a quartet, known under the name of Only for God. The quartet was composed of Carl-Eric Richard (Baritone), Jean-Erick Jules (2nd Tenor), Guchard Macaya Joseph (1st Tenor) and Ulrickson Jules (Bass). Consequently, Only for God worked very hard to bring a new and pleasant sound in the music in Haiti, and Only for God had also thought of adding fifth Vocalist to reinforce the Background. The choice had been made on Jean R. Mathurin, a RnB singer. So the quartet had changed into Quintet. During years Only for God interpreted several style of A cappella. By listening to the unit of these voices one could thought that there are instruments in Background.
Currently the Quintet Only for God aims to touch the whole world by the message of love of God with the unit of the Voices. And it is this symbiosis of voices which is Only for God.


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