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Sam Rogers is called "The One Mouth Band" for good reason. He makes all the sounds of a band -- bass, guitar, synthesizers, horns, mouth-defying drums/percussion, and more -- all by himself. Add a sprinkling of live-looping technology (recording and layering parts live on stage), and you've got 100% organic human music and fresh, accessible entertainment. Much more than a "sound-alike" or novelty act, Sam Rogers has his own innovative style. His musical sensibilities and vocal acrobatics have earned international awards and accolades from San Francisco to Singapore and Boston to Austria. Rogers makes each performance fun for the entire audience. Performances range from jazz to rock to funk to hip-hop to reggae, each with instrumental imitations, musical improvisations, and audience interactions. His playful approach transcends barriers between listener and performer, forging a connection beyond entertainment. Rogers has always had a passion for sound. From creating character voices as a child to singing and beatboxing as a teenager, to studying music as a young adult, he organically evolved into a One Mouth Band.

He launched his solo vocal act in 1995, began performing professionally as The One Mouth Band in 2001, and expanded his repertoire with live looping in 2004. While he has sung with dozens of Jazz, Rock, Pop, and R&B vocal groups and bands, his unique talents are best displayed with the raw freedom of being vocally naked! In addition to being a Vocal Musician, Rogers is also a Teacher, Voice Talent, Soundworker, and Web Developer. He teaches music workshops to children and adults, provides voice-over for TV/radio/computer, and explores the healing powers of sound. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and performs locally and around the world.


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