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Once Upon a Time is a young women's barbershop quartet that has been singing together for about two years now, performing at a variety of community events including Albuquerque's Run for the Zoo and Old Town Christmas Eve Celebration; graduation parties, retirement parties, and other social events; barbershop concerts and competitions, especially with the Duke City Chorus; and last but not least, local high schools where we spread our love of barbershop music! We met at Youth Harmony Camp 2006 and formed a quartet (originally with a different tenor) under the coaching of Matt Vaive, a baritone for The Summit barbershop quartet. We called ourselves Once Upon a Time after an amazing barbershop song. When the quartet's original tenor left, Genevieve asked Lauren to try out singing with them, and the new combination worked better than anyone could have predicted! Ever since, we've continued to sing together and hope to compete next year at the Rising Star Competition.


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