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No Singer Clef Behind

The purpose of No Singer Clef Behind (NSCB) shall be to foster an inclusive, fun, and educational musical experience: to provide students with the opportunity to be a part of an a cappella group without undergoing a competitive audition process; create a safe, inviting, and fun atmosphere for musical expression; and promote the development of musicianship and singing skills within the Brandeis community.

NSCB aims to create an a cappella experience for all interested students regardless of experience and ability. Whereas all other vocal performance groups on campus conduct a rigorous audition process to select new members on the basis of talent, participation in NSCB is open to all members of the Brandeis community on the basis of interest alone.

Certain members of the Brandeis community may feel that performance groups at Brandeis are too exclusive and competitive for students who simply wish to explore and develop their musical interests and abilities. NSCB aims to provide a safe, non-judgmental, and overall fun environment for people of all levels of interest, experience, and ability.

NSCB recognizes that a cappella attracts people of varying levels of interest, experience, and ability; furthermore, a cappella singing, like all forms of musical expression, is an inherently educational activity. NSCB aims to support all aspects of its members’ musical interests by promoting and developing musicianship and singing skills.


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