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School or Affiliation: Vassar
Poughkeepsie, NY

Night Owls

Legend has it that the entire Vassar student community was quarantined during the polio epidemic of 1942. No one was allowed to leave their dorms except to attend classes. Socials were cancelled, tea in the Rose Parlor was abandoned - Vassar traditions were foregone. In the midst of all this turmoil, sixteen intrepid young women threw caution to the wind. Dressed in black, they broke out of their dorms and met secretly in the basement of the library where they sang late into the night. These women were the first Night Owls. Now fifty-eight years later, the Night Owls are one of the oldest continuing all-female a cappella groups in the nation. We still wear black in honor of our sixteen founding members and we hope that fifty-eight years from now there will still be Night Owls - dressed in black and singing their hearts out.


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