Denver, CO


NeXus: 1. a connection link or tie, 2. a connected group, 3. The core or center. NeXus: 2004 Rocky Mountain District Champion quartet, 2005 & 2006 International quarterfinalists, and 2007 International semi-finalists. In 2005 they placed 25th at Internatiional and then 27th in 2006... AND, this past competition they achieved 19th place!! They are truly one of the top barbershop quartets in the world. NeXus continues to grow in popularity, presenting a wide variety of a cappella music, including Barbershop, Jazz, Contemporary, Gospel, and more. NeXus' sound is different and unique... NeXus has been a father-son quartet from the beginning. Getting their start in the summer of 2003, Nate and his father Mark Zenk singing Tenor and Bass respectively, won the Novice Quartet championship in their first contest. With Nate leaving to focus on high school in 2005, George Davidson - barititone of the 1982 International champions The Classic Collection - joined as Tenor with his son Mike who sings Baritone to continue the father-son legacy... George, Mark, Mike and their 4 time RMD champion lead Ryan are a fierce foursome and their sound is better than ever.


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